Private Equity


Healthcare is a dynamic sector undergoing significant change. 

We seek to partner with leading businesses to improve patient and consumer outcomes while speeding time to market and managing cost through the value chain, from innovation to clinical trial to delivery of care. 

We invest in growth and support our portfolio through organic and acquisition-led development, helping our partners strategically transform their organisation during our ownership to create better outcomes and generate significant value.

Fundamental growth drivers include an ageing and more active population; greater access to healthcare globally; increasing use of data; advancements in areas such as biologics, minimally invasive medical devices and personalised medicine; increasing patient engagement in healthcare and lifestyle decisions. 


Track record

Track record: Havea

3i’s Rémi Carnimolla and Havea’s Nicolas Brodetsky discuss how the partnership helped Havea make five acquisitions in five years and double the size of the business.

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