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Consensus estimates

    High Low Median
31/03/2025 NAV estimate   2,577 2,417 2,505

Ten analyst estimates, published between 9 May 2024 and 3 July 2024, are included in this consensus.

The forecasts are produced by the contributing analysts and do not represent nor are based on 3i’s opinions, estimates or forecasts. By presenting the consensus information above, 3i does not endorse or concur with such analyst information, conclusions or recommendations. 3i has not verified any of the information received and none of 3i, its affiliates or their respective directors, officers and employees make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to, or accept any responsibility for, the accuracy or completeness of the consensus information. 3i does not assume any responsibility to update, revise or supplement such information.

It should be noted that forecasts are by definition forward looking and are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties that may materially affect eventual results. This consensus summary is being provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to, nor does it, constitute investment advice or any solicitation to buy, hold or sell securities or other financial instruments. None of 3i, its affiliates or their respective directors, officers and employees shall accept any liability whatsoever for the consequences of any reliance upon or actions taken or not taken based on any of the information in this consensus summary.

IR contact

Silvia Santoro

Group Investor Relations and Sustainability Strategy Director
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