Investor relations

Register for e-comms

There are three easy steps to registering for e-communications:

  1. First, have your shareholder reference number to hand (this is a 7 or 8 digit number printed on your share certificate, dividend vouchers, proxy cards and any other correspondence sent to you by our Registrar, Equiniti).

  2. Go to the 3i Group registration page on Shareview and complete the registration form.

  3. By registering you will confirm your details. The Registrar, for your own security, will then post you an Access number, which you will need in future to log on to the Shareview website. Once you have your Access number, you can manage all aspects of your shareholding online at

Shareholders may change the way they wish to receive shareholder communications at any time in the future by writing to our registrar, Equiniti:

Aspect House
Spencer Road
Lancing, BN99 6DA

You can also use the online Shareview service and hard copies will be available on request.

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