Investor relations

Shareholder identity

Shareholders should be wary of any unsolicited investment advice, offers to buy shares at a discounted price or offers to buy 3i shareholdings. These fraudsters use persuasive and high-pressure tactics to lure shareholders into scams.  We have recently become aware of what appears to be an increase in calls to current and former 3i shareholders.

3i in general does not make unsolicited contact with shareholders by telephone and does not engage third parties to do this on its behalf. Accordingly, we advise you not to speak to or provide any information to anyone who makes unsolicited contact with you claiming to be phoning on behalf of 3i or seeking to discuss your 3i shareholding. There is a high likelihood that such calls will be scam calls.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found that victims of share fraud are often seasoned investors with victims losing an average of £20,000.

Please keep in mind that firms authorised by the FCA are unlikely to contact you unexpectedly with an offer to buy or sell shares. You should consider getting independent financial or professional advice before you hand over any money or even share any information with them.

If you receive any unsolicited approaches or investment advice, you should proceed with caution.  Steps that you might wish to take could include the following:

  • do not speak to or provide information to anyone who makes unsolicited contact with you claiming to be calling on behalf of 3i to discuss your 3i shareholding;
  • always ensure the firm is on the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) Register and is allowed to give financial advice before handing over your money. You can check at;
  • double-check the caller is from the firm they say they are – ask for their name and telephone number and say you will call them back. Check their identity by calling the firm using the contact number listed on the FCA Register. This is important as there have been instances where an authorised firm’s website has been cloned but with a few subtle changes, such as a different phone number or false email address;
  • check the FCA’s list of known unauthorised overseas firms. However, these firms change their name regularly, so even if a firm is not listed it does not mean they are legitimate. Always check that they are listed on the FCA Register; and
  • if you have any doubts, call the Financial Conduct Authority Consumer Helpline on 0800 111 6768 or contact the FCA using the share fraud reporting form available at If you deal with an unauthorised firm, you will not be eligible to receive payment under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
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