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    Trescal is a leading European service provider in calibration and measurement service solutions. We invested in Trescal when it was the lead player in France and in three years created a global leader with over 115 sites across 14 countries.

    We internationalised Trescal through a successful buy-and-build strategy with acquisitions in the US, Benelux, UK and Austria. During our ownership we introduced the concept of “One Trescal” to deliver more homogenous processes across the Group. We also delivered commercial and operational improvements, including strategic pricing, a sales force effectiveness initiative, and significant investment into proprietary software development in order to accelerate automation.


    • Undisputed #1 in Europe and #4 in the US at exit
    • International rollout with four acquisitions and the opening of a 'green field lab' in Singapore
    • Entered US through a significant acquisition which was 100% equity funded
    • Best in class profitability (10% EBITDA at origin to >15% at exit)
    “We made acquisitions we could never have achieved if we’d had any other shareholder than 3i.” Olivier Delrieu, CEO, Trescal

    Regulatory information 
    This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc, advised by 3i France.

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