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    Herambiente is the Italian leader in the waste treatment and disposal sector. The company owns and operates a portfolio of c.80 waste treatment facilities, mostly located in the Emilia Romagna. The plants include landfills, waste to energy plants, anaerobic digestion and other waste sorting facilities.

    Herambiente’s revenues originate primarily from waste treatment and disposal and from sale of the resulting by-products, including electricity from incineration, biogas from landfills and recycled materials. In 2016, Herambiente treated c. 1.7m tons of urban waste, 4.7m tons of special waste and produced 161,455,167kWh of electricity.

    Investment rationale

    • Strong market position in its home region of Emilia Romagna and more broadly in Northern and Central Italy
    • The large plants portfolio provides technology diversification and exposure to increased recycling across Europe
    • The highly fragmented market offers significant consolidation opportunities
    • The expertise and environmental permits required to build new facilities provide significant barriers to entry

    Regulatory information 
    This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc.

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