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    Future Biogas is one of the largest anaerobic digestion (AD) plant developers and biogas producers in the UK. It owns two AD plants with one further AD plant in construction, and operates 10 AD plants mainly on behalf of institutional investors under medium-long term contracts.

    Future Biogas’s plants convert a wide range of feedstocks into clean and renewable energy through AD which produces biogas. Biogas can either be used to generate green electricity, or upgraded into biomethane and injected into the UK’s national gas network. Future Biogas produces over 500GWh of biogas per year, enough energy for over 40,000 homes.

    Biomethane from AD is a ready-to-use and commercially viable solution for hard to decarbonise industrial sectors. It does not require any upgrade to the existing UK gas infrastructure. Energy produced by AD plants is carbon neutral, as the CO2 released during the process matches the CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere by the feedstock.

    Future Biogas promotes a regenerative farming approach, sustainably integrating feedstock from energy crops into agricultural systems. The circular process of returning digestate back to land can help replenish soil nutrients and carbon and displaces demand for carbon intensive artificial fertilisers.

    Recent developments

    Future Biogas performed in line with expectations due to good services revenues and index-linked contracts. The company has a promising pipeline of organic growth and M&A opportunities.

    During the year, Future Biogas signed a new 15-year gas supply agreement with AstraZeneca (‘AZ’) for unsubsidised green gas. To deliver this green gas, it is constructing the UK’s first unsubsidised AD plant. In September 2023, 3iN invested £35 million to fund the plant’s construction, which will supply 100GWh of biomethane to AZ’s UK sites.

    In November 2023, 3iN invested a further £30 million to fund the acquisition of two AD plants that Future Biogas was already managing. These strategic investments continue to transition Future Biogas from a manager of third-party biogas plants to a leading developer, asset owner and operator. The company is actively exploring viable sites for constructing new AD plants, and the interest from high-quality corporate partners is encouraging.

    Regulatory information 
    This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc.

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