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    Action, which was established in 1993 in the Netherlands, is the fastest-growing non-food discounter in Europe with more than 2,300 stores across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Slovakia. 

    Large-scale procurement, flexible assortment, optimal distribution and a cost-conscious culture ensure good quality products at the lowest price. Action offers over 6,000 low-price, good quality products in fourteen categories. In Action's stores, customers can find well-known A-brands next to Action-owned brands and brands owned by Action's suppliers. Two-thirds of the assortment changes frequently, as Action introduces more than 150 new articles every week. 

    The product assortment includes decoration, DIY, garden and outdoor, household goods, multimedia, sports, stationery and hobby, toys and entertainment, food and drink, laundry and cleaning, personal care, pet, fashion and linen.

    Action generates revenues of over €8bn per annum. Its business model differs from that of more traditional retailers because only 35% of its total product range is fixed. Action believes that it is possible to offer a surprising assortment at the lowest price, while improving the quality and sustainability of their products. The essence of Action: "small prices, big smiles". 


    • In 2022 Action won 3 awards in the ‘Retailer of the Year’ competition, awarded by customers, and 6 private label products won the ‘Product of the Year Award’

    • Opened twelve distribution centres and three hubs

    • Operates more than 2,300 stores across eleven countries and provides work to almost 80,000 people 
    • Leveraging our network, experience and resources to further internationalise the business
    • Ongoing sustainability efforts: 90% of cotton products sold by Action are certified by the Better Cotton Initiative, 92% of the paper and wood products in its range are made from sustainably sourced wood and 100% of their private label cocoa products are Fairtrade
    • 95% of their stores are fitted with energy efficient LED lights and 90% of green renewable electricity is used for their stores, DCs and offices 
    • 100% of their private label packaging is recyclable


    Update 2022   


    Regulatory information 
    This transaction involved a recommendation of 3i Investments plc, advised by 3i Benelux.

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