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Drivetrain testing has a new name: GIF becomes ATESTEO

3i-backed GIF GmbH is a leading service provider for drivetrain testing in the automotive industry.

With effect from today, the company will trade under the name ATESTEO GmbH. This change of name accentuates the strategic direction of the company. The legal entity remains unchanged as well as all essential company details.

“We are excited about our new name, ATESTEO, which emphasizes our profile as an independent testing provider with a well-known brand. In order to fulfil our new promise to deliver ‘excellence in drivetrain testing’, our team of 450 specialist employees will continue to deliver outstanding service to our clients. We are able to flexibly and efficiently satisfy our customer’s requirements due to 30 years of experience and 120 testing benches,” says Dr-Ing Wolfgang Krause, CEO of ATESTEO.

The independent testing service provider has become a household name in the automotive industry, in particular for its testing of transmission units. New types of automatic transmissions, 4-wheel-drive concepts and hybrid cars with combustion and electric engines have led to an increased demand for drivetrain testing. ATESTEO now conducts testing in accredited environments on 120 state-of-the-art drivetrain testing benches in Germany and China. The company has subsidiaries in Japan and the United States and is the global leader in this industry. The company’s range of services has continuously been expanded to meet its customers’ demands, such as the testing of brakes and exhaust systems. The testing services are complimented by engineering services for transmission optimization and equipment such as torque sensors.

“Reducing CO2 emissions is a mega-trend within the automotive industry. Our company contributes by testing transmissions and hybrid drivetrains that help to reduce fuel consumption. We doubled our capacities in the growing Chinese market last year and implemented customer-focussed outsourcing in our new facility in Kassel, Germany. We will continue to invest in future growth,” Dr Georg Bletschacher, CFO of ATESTEO, emphasizes.

3i Group has invested €96 million in ATESTEO since October 2013 and will support ATESTEO in becoming the global specialist for tests on drivetrains, partly through accelerating the company’s growth in Europe, China and North America.


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