Demographic and social change

Increasing life expectancy and reduced fertility rates in most of our core markets are resulting in an ageing and often declining population, which is increasingly urban. These structural, long-term trends are resulting in profound changes in consumer behaviour and preferences, and the development of policy responses to meet the challenges of greater longevity and the increasing prevalence of age-related chronic illness.


Ionisos logoEnsuring product safety through sterilisation

Sterilising medical and care equipment is an essential, non-discretionary part of the manufacturing process of a number of medical and pharmaceutical goods. Cold sterilisation is often required for products that contain heat-sensitive ingredients or components.

Ionisos is the leading independent European provider of cold sterilisation services. The business treats a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical goods, such as gloves, implants, surgical kits and dialysers, ensuring that they are sterile and safe to use, for example, in surgical procedures. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ionisos has contributed to the fight against the virus, notably sterilising primary packaging components for vaccines, swabs and sample containers for PCR tests.

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