Climate change and resource scarcity

The response to the climate and environmental emergencies will be among the defining themes of our time. The transition to a more sustainable consumption model and the development of solutions to tackle global warming and climate change, either through regulatory ‘push’ or changes in consumer preferences, are going to provide attractive investment opportunities for many decades.

Private Equity

evernex logoReducing the environmental impact of IT equipment

The manufacture, use and disposal of IT equipment can have a high impact on the environment. A single server requires the equivalent of 660 trees to absorb the CO2 emissions associated with its manufacture and c.50 million tonnes of e-waste are produced globally each year. Reducing the environmental footprint of IT equipment can therefore have a material positive impact.

Headquartered in France, Evernex maintains IT equipment that is critical for customers’ business continuity, with full coverage of all equipment (servers, storage and network) and all OEMs. The business maintains over 220,000 IT systems across the world. Its model is built on finding eco-friendly solutions for its clients so that they can manage their IT infrastructure with the lowest environmental impact.

Evernex works with its clients to:

  • Repair their IT assets, extending their life cycle and thereby eliminating waste and reducing the amount of new equipment manufactured; 
  • Reuse IT assets, giving a life to equipment that has been reconditioned and finding alternative ways to use equipment; and 
  • Recycle used equipment with adequate data erasure capabilities, by reconditioning parts to be used for repairs, or recovering precious resources such as precious metals.

Since first investing in Evernex in 2019, we have funded the company’s further growth and development, notably through the acquisition of Technogroup, the leading third-party IT maintenance player in the DACH region.

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