Attero and HERAmbiente

Climate change and resource scarcity

The response to the climate and environmental emergencies will be among the defining themes of our time. The transition to a more sustainable consumption model and the development of solutions to tackle global warming and climate change, either through regulatory ‘push’ or changes in consumer preferences, are going to provide attractive investment opportunities for many decades.


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Recovering and reusing energy and raw materials from waste

Waste is a significant issue worldwide, and growing volumes of waste are being generated as global populations, living standards and consumption increase.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, for over 90 years Attero has been active in recovering and reusing energy and raw materials from waste. Attero owns energy from waste plants, sorting and pretreatment facilities, anaerobic digestion facilities, composting facilities and landfill sites. The company processes waste from a diverse mix of domestic municipalities, commercial and industrial customers, as well as a number of UK and Irish exporters. As an important player in the recycling of plastics in Europe, Attero makes a significant contribution to the development to a circular economy for plastics.

HERAmbiente is the largest player in the Italian waste treatment and disposal market, with over 90 waste treatment and disposal plants, and a strong and stable market position in its home region of Emilia Romagna and more broadly in Northern and Central Italy. It recycles materials, generates electricity from the waste that cannot be recycled, and sells biogas from landfills.

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