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International growth through 10 acquisitions
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Civica NEW

UK-focused software solutions to a leading international integrated software, managed services and cloud solutions provider​

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Investment date

2008 - 2013

Good to great


money multiple
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Total sales grew by over 80% from £127m to £230m​


doubled international sales
3I International

International sales doubled to over £60m​


increase in employees
3I Employee

Increased employee numbers from 1,350 to over 2,000​

Key events under our ownership

Significantly expanded its international footprint through 10 acquisitions in the UK, Australia and New Zealand​
Further growth came from up-selling services to existing customers, including managed services and BPO offerings​
Development and roll-out of cloud-based solutions in all markets​
Continued its strong track record of organic growth in revenue and EBITDA​
Introduction of new CFO and Chairman to further support the growth of the business