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Atesteo New

From an owner-managed diversified engineering company ​to a world-leading testing and inspection specialist for the ​automotive industry​

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Investment date

2013 - 2018

Good to great


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Strengthened #1 global market leader in independent drivetrain testing services​

Over 135 test units across five facilities in Germany and China managed as one test field​


3I Target

Increased testing capacity by 30%​

Grew sales from hybrid and electric vehicle tests by c.70% p.a.​


EBITDA growth during investment​
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Accelerated growth in China, doubling sales from Asian customers​

Key events under our ownership

Completed two acquisitions to complement service offering, including road-based tests​
Tripled capacity of Chinese operations and opened a new state-of-the-art facility in Germany​
Expanded internationally via customer wins in Europe, China and North America​
Supported management to successfully grow in hybrid and electric vehicle testing, significantly outperforming its peers in this area​
Strengthened senior management team to support growth trajectory and professionalisation​
Completed successful refinancings in 2016 and 2017