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60% revenue growth
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Mould Masters NEW LHS

From a family-owned business to a world-class global market leader in hot runners

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Investment date

2007 - 2013

Good to great


growth in revenue between 2007-2012
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From limited production in China and Brazil to significant emerging market presence: 40% of sales from Asia


operating capacity
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Tripling of Chinese manufacturing capacity; created Indian engineering centre of excellence and manufacturing operation


market position in each geography
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#1 or #2 in market position in each of its key geographies

Key events under our ownership

International sales increased through both organic sales growth and completing four acquisitions
Commercialised new innovative products helping customers improve cycle times and minimise resin costs
Drove operational excellence resulting in an increase in operating throughput, improved asset utilisation and on-time delivery rates as well as delivering substantial procurement savings
c.90% increase in employees to 1,700