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3.1x money multiple
Naturé Moi
Havea Group New LHS

Transformational growth to build a prominent European leader in the fragmented natural consumer healthcare market

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Investment date

2017 - 2022

Good to great

3.1x, 24% IRR

realised return
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Disposal proceeds of £471m generating realised returns of 3.1x MOIC, 24% IRR


EBITDA growth per annum
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Net sales more than doubled due to double-digit organic growth, and EBITDA grew at 20% per annum


acquisitions completed
3I Sectors

Completed and integrated five strategic and synergistic acquisitions

Key events under our ownership

Successful transformation with the appointment of an experienced and senior management team leading the internationalisation strategy
Accelerated internationalisation through strategic M&A
Supported the management team to implement a digital strategy and become a data-driven company to better serve consumers' needs
Complemented its well-known brands with acquired European brands to strengthen Havea’s presence in the fast-growing, resilient and profitable pharmacy channel
Helped the company reorganise around five core strategic brands and delivered operational and industrial excellence, leading to solid margins
Rebranded the group to create a unified and international leader in natural consumer healthcare