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Successful IPO on Euronext Amsterdam
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From a European juice manufacturer to a leading European independent bottler of soft drinks for A-brand owners​

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Investment date

2010 - 2018

Good to great


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Increased revenue from €1.2bn to €2bn between 2010 and 2015​


co-packing partner in Europe by volume​
3I International

Increased volumes from 3.8bn litres in 2010 to 6.1bn litres in 2015, underlining its status as #1 co-packing partner in Europe​


private label soft drinks and fruit juices supplier​
3I Star

Cemented its position as the #1 European private label soft drinks and fruit juice supplier by successfully entering the Italian market and significantly increasing market share in Germany, the UK and France through its M&A agenda​

Key events under our ownership

Executed strong buy-and-build strategy, acquiring German headquartered SDI, Taja in Poland and Spumador in Italy
Grew Refresco’s production facilities​ to 27 across nine countries with a total of 159 production lines and a truly pan-European footprint​
Merger with Gerber Emig in 2013 was transformational, enhancing the company’s presence across Europe and strengthening its capability for industry innovation​
Refresco completed its IPO on Euronext Amsterdam in March 2015​