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60% EBITDA growth
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Customer focused jewellery retailer successfully ​expanded internationally ​

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Investment date

2010 - 2016

Good to great


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International sales growth of 23% CAGR during our investment period ​


EBIDTA growth
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EBITDA increased from €17.7m in 2010 to €28.1m in 2016​


near trebling of PoS channels from 1,000 to 2,900
3I Distribution

Active in 24 countries

Key events under our ownership

International expansion across geographies and retail channels, increasing PoS to 2,900​
Material gross margin improvement from pricing, sourcing and cost initiatives​
Expanded the product offering through the introduction of three new concepts
Portfolio M&A synergies – top line synergies achieved following our acquisition of Christ in 2014​
Introduced Peter Linzbach, former board member of Metro Cash & Carry Int., as Chairman and Anders Moberg, former CEO of IKEA, as NXD​
3i facilitated introduction of new international retail partners​